Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG)

About the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG)

The Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG) is a group of key organisations working with potential and actual victims of trafficking for labour exploitation. LEAG was established by FLEX in 2015 in order to promote information-sharing and collaboration for change on trafficking for labour exploitation; and hold FLEX accountable to those for whom we work.

LEAG aims to build a shared understanding of the experiences of vulnerable and exploited workers in the UK, and to ensure that their voiced needs form the basis of all actions to address trafficking for labour exploitation.

LEAG works together to assess the impact of formal and informal responses to trafficking for labour exploitation by government and non-government actors; and identify barriers and develop joint strategies for improving the relevance and effectiveness of trafficking responses for vulnerable and exploited workers.

LEAG consists of individuals appointed for their expertise in the field from:

Latin American Women’s Rights Service
Praxis Community Projects
St Mungos                                                      
Unite the Union                                              
East European Resource Centre                       
British Red Cross

LEAG Publications                                                                   

Position Paper: Labour Compliance to Exploitation and the Abuses In-between

Published by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) and the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG), August 2016.

In this position paper the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group explores the link between labour abuses and exploitation, outlining the factors which in their experience cause or allow labour abuses to develop into more extreme exploitation. The paper makes recommendations for measures to address abuses across the spectrum and thereby prevent the development of exploitation. 

Position Paper: Lost in Transition: Brexit & Labour Exploitation

Published by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) and the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG), August 2017.

This paper explores the impact of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (Brexit) on workers’ vulnerability to labour exploitation. Combining desk-based research and interviews with members of the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG), this paper sets out how migrant worker vulnerability to exploitation has been affected by the UK referendum vote to leave the European Union. It looks both at the immediate impact of that decision and considers the key risk areas for the future as the UK transitions out of the EU.