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Caroline Robinson

Policy Director

Caroline Robinson has over ten years experience in the field of human trafficking, including conducting research, leading policy development and designing policy engagement and advocacy strategies globally. Prior to working at FLEX Caroline worked at the Global Alliance against Traffic in Women facilitating the engagement of grassroots organisations in international advocacy on trafficking. Caroline has also worked as senior political adviser in the UK parliament and for the United Nations in Afghanistan. Caroline is a founder and Editorial Board Member of the Anti-Trafficking Review journal and sits on the board of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Claire Falconer Photo

Claire Falconer

Legal Director

Claire Falconer has worked in the fields of human trafficking and transnational crime since 2007, providing expert guidance to government and non-government organisations and conducting research, advocacy and capacity building activities. Claire leads the legal programme at FLEX, covering work on the rights of trafficked people, access to justice, and corporate and government accountability. Prior to joining FLEX Claire was a consultant on human trafficking and organised crime projects for the Organisation for Security Cooperation in Europe and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, and provided capacity building assistance throughout South East Asia as part of the Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons Project. Claire is a lawyer and former prosecutor, and holds a Masters Degree in Human Rights Law (LLM) from the London School of Economics.

Bridie France photo

Bridie France

Communications and Networks Officer

Bridie France is working to develop FLEX's global networks to combat labour exploitation, coordinates FLEX research on labour abuses and labour exploitation and leads on FLEX’s communication output. Prior to working at FLEX Bridie worked as a Project Coordinator at a major publishers and has previously volunteered with various organisations supporting women's rights and LGBT rights.

Lynda Bridger photo

Lynda Bridger

Finance Officer

Lynda provides financial support to FLEX as an independent consultant.  Lynda is a qualified Chartered Accountant and trained with BDO.  After leaving BDO in 2004, Lynda has worked in the not for profit sector initially as a Finance Manager for a Fairtrade charity, Twin and since 2011 as an independent consultant to a number of charities. Lynda has a wealth of experience in preparing SORP accounts and project reporting for major donors (EU, Comic Relief, DFID).  Lynda has acted as a project consultant to the International Division of the British Red Cross and currently works with a portfolio of smaller charities.

Leticia Ishibashi photo

Leticia Ishibashi

Project and Operations Assistant

Leticia Ishibashi assists with FLEX's projects and operations. She has experience providing assistance to trafficked persons seeking asylum, conducting research, and developing projects to counter trafficking for labour exploitation. Prior to joining FLEX, Leticia worked supporting the engagement of grassroots organisations in human rights mechanisms in Thailand. Leticia holds a Masters Degree in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics.

Linn Aakvik

Linn Aakvik

Project Officer

Linn Aakvik works across FLEX’s projects to end trafficking for labour exploitation and supports the Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG). Prior to joining FLEX, she worked in the Ethical Policy department at BBC Worldwide, focusing on labour standards in the organisation’s supply chain. Linn worked closely with the International Labour Organization (ILO) as an intern at the Permanent Mission of Norway to the UN in Geneva and volunteers with an organisation supporting refugees and asylum seekers. She holds an MSc in Global Migration from University College London.