6 Feb 2017

A new report commissioned by the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner highlights that rough sleepers in London are at risk of becoming victims of modern slavery. 

27 Jan 2017

Access to fair compensation can play a key role in the recovery of survivors of human trafficking, providing a sense of closure and justice for the abuses committed against them.

20 Jan 2017

As part of the government’s commitment to eradicating modern slavery, in 2016 the Prime Minister commissioned an HMIC

Press release
5 Jan 2017

Leading experts on labour exploitation, Focus on Labour Exploitation, today welcome the appointment of Prof. Sir David Metcalf CBE as the UK's first Director of Labour Market Enforcement.

20 Dec 2016

Trafficking for labour exploitation is a pervasive and largely hidden crime in the UK. Opportunities to identify those who have been trafficked are few, and critical – if a victim is not recognized and appropriately supported, the chance may be permanently missed.

29 Nov 2016

On the 9th of November 2016 the ILO Protocol to the Forced Labour Convention entered into force. The Protocol is a legally-binding agreement that requires governments to strengthen global efforts and take new measures to tackle forced labour.

25 Nov 2016

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, it is important to raise awareness of labour trafficking and labour exploitation, its disproportionate effect on women, and the root causes that create women’s vulnerability and invisibility in this context.

8 Nov 2016

Originally published on 07.11.16

28 Oct 2016

In its latest report, the CoE's Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings welcomed the changes made by the UK since its first evaluation of the UK’s response to human trafficking in 2012. However, the report also highlighted significant gaps, in particular concerning the prevention of human trafficking for labour exploitation, victim support and access to justice for trafficking victims.

19 Oct 2016

The report entitled Class Acts? Examining modern slavery legislation across the UK was published yesterday by the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group to mark Anti-Slavery day 2016.