Ending human trafficking

FLEX conducts evidence-based advocacy to promote effective anti-trafficking responses that prevent exploitation, proactively identify trafficked persons, and ensure that their rights are central to national and international law, policy and practice.

To achieve this FLEX is currently working with partners across Europe to gather best practice in identification and support to those who are trafficked for labour exploitation.

FLEX established itself as a leader in the field of trafficking for labour exploitation in the UK during the passage of the UK Modern Slavery Bill in to law, this advocacy has focussed on: 

  • The role of the UK labour inspectorates in pro-active identification of labour rights abuses as a key driver of trafficking for labour exploitation;
  • Trafficked persons’ access to remedies for trafficking crimes committed against them, including compensation through civil actions;
  • Ensuring the UK meets its international commitments to combat human trafficking;
  • Developing provisions to ensure companies are accountable for exploitation found in their supply chains through comparable, enforceable and transparent measures.