We provide bespoke training for statutory agencies and frontline community organisations.

Training for police and local authority first responders

FLEX is working with the Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime to deliver “train the trainer” sessions to local authorities and police in London on their responsibilities to victims of modern slavery. Participants attend a full-day training session on the essential aspects of their duties to identify and support victims of trafficking and forced labour. Equipped with a range of bespoke resources developed by FLEX, participants are then able to lead their own training, passing on the knowledge to their colleagues. The training provides practical guidance in the following areas:

  • The framework for modern slavery laws and key definitions
  • How to identify a potential victim, including indicators of forms of exploitation
  • How to refer a potential victim into the National Referral Mechanism
  • Public authorities’ ongoing role as a First Responder
  • Support to which victims are entitled

In addition to the training sessions, participants will receive materials to use in their own training, such as template presentation slides, a dossier of case studies, and exercises and handouts.

The next training sessions are taking place on the following dates: 

Wednesday 30 June

Tuesday 13 July

Monday 19 July

If you are interested in joining one of these training sessions, please get in touch with our Training Officer: [email protected]

Training for community and frontline organisations

In our policy and research work, we have found that workers at risk of labour exploitation often face barriers when accessing information, advice and support on their rights and entitlements under employment, human rights and modern slavery laws. Funded by City Bridge Trust and with the aim of supporting community-based organisations to improve their ability to spot labour abuse and exploitation, FLEX delivers bespoke training to front line organisations directly supporting workers facing or at risk of exploitation.

The training is responsive to the circumstances of each organisation and tailored to respond to their needs and capacity, and offers the opportunity to receive support with fundraising efforts to develop lasting capacity for employment support.

If you would like to discuss whether this training might be a good fit for your organisation, please contact our Training Officer: [email protected].